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Annual transfer Grade Medical Officers 2013- Illustrated Guide lines for web based application

User Guideline – Online Application for Annual Transfers of Grade Medical Officers 2013

Medical Services Unit at the Ministry of Health has developed an Online Application for Annual Transfers of Grade Medical Officers 2013. Only the Grade Medical officers who are noted/ eligible for annual transfers 2013, should apply through this online application.
The online application is available in the following URL given below.

Once you type the above URL or click on above link your web browser will navigate you to the following web page
Note that this web based application needs considerable memory of your computer. So please make sure that your computer is having at least 1GB of RAM.
Please do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer to brows the web site.
Please use updated versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Once you enter the web site please click the marked tab  displayed below


Step 1: User Login Page


The applicant should enter his / her
                                                                         NIC No.   and
                                                                         SLMC Reg. No.
                                                                                                        to log into the system and will be given a System Generated Unique Reference Number.

Step 02: Your Reference No.


You will be asked to enter this reference number in certain instances during the process of annual transfer 2013.
You are strongly advised to keep this reference number with you until the annual list for 2013 is published

Next the following link should be followed. “Go to Online Annual Transfer Application 2013”

Step 03:
On Line Annual Transfer Application 2013 The application should be filled according to the examples given under the each cage and should always try to fill the application using BLOCK CAPITAL letters.




To fill “Your Preferences” list (on your right), simply drag a vacancy from the “Vacancy List” (on your left) and drop it with the help of your laptop touch pad or the mouse. You are free to move the vacancies up and down to prepare the list you preferred.
Use the search tool liberally to narrow down your vacancy list. Use only the name of the city or village where your vacancy is located.
If you need to apply stations near Matara area just type Matara at the search box. Then all the vacancies in the Matara area will appear in your left hand side vacancy box.


Button 01 – Save & Continue Later >> :


This will save your work done so far and you will be able to amend your application details later. Please make sure that your preferences saved frequently as sudden power failures, loss of internet connectivity or busy servers may loss your data.
(You will be asked to enter the Reference No. to log in to your saved work)
Even after completing the your preferences list again click save and continue later button for the last time.

Button 02 – Finish & Submit >>:


This will enable you to submit your application permanently. Hereafter you will be allowed only to review but not to amend your application. 

Once you complete the web based application you will be asked to log in again by using the NIC  and SLMC reg no. Then you will be displayed a web page like the following displayed one.


Please click the marked link and your completed application will be downloaded to your computer’s download folder or displayed in a new tab (if your browser has already installed adobe pdf reader add on)


Your completed application which will be displayed in PDF file format is allowed to be saved in your hard drive or in a pen drive.

Please note that you need adobe reader to view the pdf file installed in your computer . If you need adobe reader installed in your computer please click the following link

It is mandatory to send a printed copy of the submitted application through proper channel to the ministry of health on or before 19.02.2013.
Please submit your printed applications to the head of the institution on or before 13.02.2013

If any query please contact us through the contact information given in “Contact Us” page.
HOTLINE: 011 5244111 during working hours on weekdays


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